Sunny Everyday

Sunny Everyday is a personal project born during the covid lockdown. the project consisted on creating a different sun everyday. the goal was to have 5min of creativity per day and bring a smile to people on the internet. I wanted to have this platform to explore my creativity in every way, drawing, photography, playing with objects, light, shadow and so on.

This project resulted in an exhibition, where I presented the first 100 suns in the Cultural center of Ferrel – Rabeca. simultaneously we had an interactive display at Largo Space in Peniche. Everyone was invited to come and collaborate on this sun. The purpose was to have a positive experience rather than a aesthetic result.

Furthermore I was invited by MU STORE to create my own Sunny Everyday colletion. I selected and created a total of 12 designs that are available to be purchased in masks, totem bags, hoodies, posters, notebooks and tshirts. Check out the collection here
You can find the original project on instagram @sunnyyyeveryday