alexandra ribeiro
is tangerine

A daydreamer. Fear of infinity and ephemerality.
An eager explorer willing to do more and better.

Uma sonhadora de dia e noite.
Medo do infinito e da efemeridade.
Exploradora inconformada desejosa de fazer mais e melhor

Hello, my name is Alexandra Ribeiro but I am also known as Alex Tangerine.

I am a communication designer based in Baleal, Portugal. I work mostly in branding but I am always looking for a new creative challenge.

If my curriculum would be a book, it could very briefly be separated in the following chapters.

Chapter 1 – Learner

I was fortunate to get a good education. After finishing my license degree in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, I studied webdesign while working on a couple of post graduate internships in branding and front-end development.

Chapter 2 – Explorer

From an early stage I needed to find my independence in every way so I started to work as a freelancer back in 2014. Working on my own since the beginning has forced me to grow immensely in a professional level. Not everything has been sweet and candy, but the eager to do more and better remains.

This was also when I found my passion for surfing and solo travelling. So for a couple of years I was a digital nomad. During this chapter my main client was Brandlovers, an established agency in Maputo. While working remotely I was responsible for the front end development of their websites. Interesting enough, travelling also gave me so many contacts that are still a source of new work in the current days.

This period of my life inspired me to create a personal project called SoundsLike, where I collect playlists from people I meet around the world.

Chapter 3 – Home Owner

Time to settle and find a home, so I moved to Baleal (1h north of Lisbon). While based here I changed my main client. Since 2018 I have been working with Grupo Aji, a group of companies related with the construction sector.

In these companies I am the entire communication and marketing department. One woman show. It’s a very interesting challenge as I have to do the most possible with very little resources. So i have to get creative to find solutions and make it work. I am proud to announce the main brands created since then (among others): Naturtec & Poligna. I worked on everything, from branding to websites, brochures, social media (including copy) and even product and interior photography.

On the opposite side I also have had a couple projects for other clients where I could take the role of art director & project manager hiring specialised people to accomplish the desired result.

During the covid lockdown I started a personal project called Sunny Everyday. The goal was to have 5min of creativity per day and bring a smile to people on the internet. This project resulted in an exhibition, a window that we collaboratively painted on, and masks, t-shirts notebooks and so on.

….and how is it to work with me?

i am very approachable and try to help my clients as much as i can with what they might need. you can be sure that i will respect your opinion but i will also be honest with you. you can see for yourself the results of this work method. let me know if you need to change the face of your company, a new website (design and/or development) or something else!

i am sure we will work well together : )