alexandra ribeiro
is tangerine

A daydreamer. Fear of infinity and ephemerality.
An eager explorer willing to do more and better.

Uma sonhadora de dia e noite.
Medo do infinito e da efemeridade.
Exploradora inconformada desejosa de fazer mais e melhor

Hello! My name is Alexandra Ribeiro but I am also known as Tangerine. I am portuguese communication and web designer born in the centre of Portugal, who studied and lived in Lisbon, but is now ready to explore the world.

I have been a freelancer for about four years and I mostly work on graphic and web design projects. My work is mainly corporate identities (logos) and websites, but talk with me about what you need and I will do my best to help you!

I am also in charge of the rebranding project of Grupo Aji as I am redesigning all their logos, websites and other applications. It’s very interesting to work with a company that is about 25 years old but never had a designer involved before.

I am very approachable and try to help my clients as much as I can with what they might need. you can be sure that i will respect your opinion but i will also be honest with you. you can see for yourself the results of this work method. Let me know if you need to change the face of your company, need a new website (design and/or development) or something else!
I am sure we will work well together : )

When I find the time I also like to develop my own projects, being the most recent one Soundslike – a blog with playlists from friends I make when I am traveling. Oh and to speak about traveling, that is my current state right now. I am taking advantage of my flexible schedule and office space to – while respecting my responsibilities – meet new places, cool people and look for good waves to improve my surf : )

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